Dear JavaScript users,

Do you use ES6 or ES5 syntax for creating a class and adding helper functions? Node can't decypher ES6 so unsure what to do.

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    Cant decipher them in what way? Not sure what youre talking about. Node supports ES6 classes
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    I use typescript.

    SortOf Mostly Tested, Duchess of Dork, fifteenth of her name, P.hd-a-thesis

    (Transpile it)
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    oops i was using node v8.6.2
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    NVM for the win
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    Just dropping in to say that I loathe ES6 "classes"

    That is all.
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    @reginsmol Because "class" means something different in ES6 than in literally every other language out there.
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    @reginsmol because its not class, its just syntactic sugar to help people from other languages (read java fanbois) to get something done, how ever there will be a day when you will have this problem where you expect it to work but instead you get mad debugging experience and still have to learn how prototype chains really work
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