What advice would you give for someone to get started with freelancing/side projects to earn some extra money?

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    Get a contract, T&M contract.
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    Well, I wish I don't have to do that. I'm a full-time developer but the pay is quite low where I'm based in, and it looks it's the only way for me to get some extra income..
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    @SortOfTested Just want to add a few thing to your comment: contract contract and don't forget to contract!

    PS: Contract! Seriously, that's the only way to avoid the lost shitty things
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    As many others already said make a contract.

    I thought one fcking time, naw this client seems cool. Yeah ... still "waiting" for the money after years. Almost needed a lawyer at the end.

    And most important make a clear definition what you will do for what amount of money. And if possible let your customer make a deposit.
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    you think a client gives a flying fuck about a contract? especially if international? an attorney will charge $$$/hour to pursue debt collection or IP claims...
    unless you get 7-8 figure contracts?
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