could never figure out how to configure ssl because of google clouds insanely complicated documentation.

today i found a digital ocean guide that explains its a simple installation of certbot, run it once and set it to auto renew....

fuck you google

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    Yep some idiots like to overcomplicate simple things
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    @zemaitis You mean whole js environment? 😅
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    Pretty sure searching for "google cloud ssl" only gave you instructions for load balancer ssl termination. Now if you tried searching for something like "nginx ssl" instead, since apparently you're doing ssl termination at nginx running on your server, not at some google cloud infrastructure...
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    @hitko true but as someone whos job usually ends after pushing code to github then suddenly i needed to deploy something online i had no clue SSL is something u configure on a web server.

    My guess was it might as well need me to sacrifice my first born to my cloud provider so they do some voodoo magic that would make everything magically turn to https.
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    @sleek I get it, you only wanted a simple way to set ssl on some domain. What I don't get is why you'd search for such a specific term, when you know you're not familiar with SSL or networking at all, instead of first searching for "ssl server", reading https://www.digicert.com/ssl/ which pops as one of the first results, and figuring "oh, I should install a certificate on my server, I want free ssl and my server is nginx, so I should search 'free ssl nginx'". Bam https://nginx.com/blog/..., instead of hours of frustration for being too specific.
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