Okay, so debian is just fucked by default then.

Created a Debian 10 persistence stick, and I'm having the fucking xorg issues ("No screens detected", xrandr says the same) i've had every fucking time i've installed debian, except a simple round of dpkg-reconfigure isn't fixing it this time.


Things tried:

- dpkg-reconfigure <every package even remotely related>
- X -configure
- installing all firmware from linux-firmware repo
- reinstalling everything remotely related (with both reinstall and purge/install)
- Wayland ("failed to create compositor backend")
- creating my own xorg configs and driver-radeon configs and all that shit with my screen explicitly defined
- remaking the stick with a redownloaded ISO
- actually installing it to a HDD first
- crying in frustration
- different monitors
- someone else's machine (both AMD GPUs, mine's an R9 380, his an RX 3-digit something-or-other)
- an NVIDIA card (other tester threw his old 1080TI in his PC, set up all the drivers and shit, and nothing fucking changed)

what is this, Fedora?

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    Fedora doesn't love Nvidia. They're gnuddites.
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    @SortOfTested the comment about Fedora was due to Fedora being (for the last few builds, since like Fedora 20) broken OOB.
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    It's one of those things we have all been through so many times, and yet it never gets easier haha!!!
    It always creeps up on ya after you think you'll never to deal with it again!
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