I went to do the "transport-tracker" Google Codelabs that uses JS/Firebase/Maps, and I didn't pick up on how really outdated it was lol... it took me about an hour of ehat seemed like an endless climb out of a shit factory....but I passed my NPM "massive errors" trial by fire with flying colors, got everything working mint, and managed to get most of everything (minus the docs) updated/cleaned up. Holy fuck that was crazy, it's amazing how many things change in such little time!!!

Anyways, the main reason I'm here is.... should I push the used-to-be-old-and-fucked-up codelabs I fixed up and made current to Google?? They are pretty important concepts that cover a lot of ground, so I feel like labs/tutorials should be refreshed by up and comers every so often but I don't know if there's a reason why we leave em to just rot and die haha

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