A lot of new tech is going to be sparked by this pandemic. A lot of it we aren't going to like.

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    I like how smaller businesses pop out while the bigger ones stay shut down. Earlier, some guy gave me a piece of paper. It's like a small family business where they deliver freshly baked buns. I thought it was pretty charming.

    It's interesting how people find ways to survive in what's almost a ghost town. I'm excited to know what kind of shit the tech people are gonna come up with.
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    Pre-funding startups in stable industries are killing it right now. Coronavirus is a hard deck reshuffle.
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    @SortOfTested Should've mulligan when they saw that virus in the starting hand
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    But why? Governments are spraying cash at businesses right now if the owners have two brain cells to rub together.
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    @SortOfTested it ain’t the same everywhere, there are places where the bureaucracy and corruption make it extremely hard to access any funding.
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    @odite yay more awesome, unique, most powerful and easy to learn JS FrAmeWoRkS
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    @molaram more about your movements being required to be tracked by the state really but if you're scared of a new js framework being in development, I suppose that applies too.
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    I'm doing business in two of those places. It's all positioning.
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