When your specs simply won't run new code no matter what you do, non-conditioned (and unmodified) calls don't get called, and 2+2 somehow equals Q, you know it's time to give up and restart the simulation by going to bed.

Except it's early afternoon and the project deadline is tonight. 😔

Back to debugging reality.

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    What the actual fuck?
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    @epse Don't believe me? 😋
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    @Root in a REPL even???? Who overloaded operator+?
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    @epse The 2+2 bit was a joke. The rest is very much happening, though. 🙁
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    @Root successfully trolled me. And some cache somewhere is biting your arse, now find it
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    It simply isn't calling one of the methods, or it isnt seeing the new code in that file. I literally replaced the function in question with a log and a raise; neither happen, and it appears to return nil instead. Changes everywhere else appear and run just fine. I am confuse.

    For possible caching issues... I restarted everything up to and including my laptop. I've tried everything I can think of, but no dice, beans, cigars, bananas, nor umbrellas.

    So I'm asking my boss for help, who will hopefully tell me I missed something dumb, or that there's a trick occasionally required to make things work. 😕🙄
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    The spec stubbed the method and didnt call the original. Ugh. I feel like an idiot.
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    at least 2 + 2 is not equal to 22
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    Let me guess: 4+7=explosion.
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    Do both 6*7 and 6*9 equal 42?
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    @Root you can't scare me with right bitwise operations!
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