There is no damn worldwide shortage of Cobol devs. There's a few localised, highly publicised cases where those devs are needed, those cases are diminishing fast, and that's about it.

Please stop touting this nonsense that everyone who learns Cobol can just drop into a job and make 6 figures. The only thing that's going to come out of this is a worldwide surplus of devs who learnt Cobol, and are now gobsmacked no-one wants to hire them to work in an antiquated language they have zero real-world experience in.

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    Too late matey.

    Now everybody and their dog have learned Cobol up to 85 years of experience level, written 28 books and published 72.5 critical modules and forks hoping get to enjoy the "security" and "stability" some shit government job provides so they can browse pornhub at work and go home and beat their wives before getting wasted on cheap scotch in shitty chinese shot glasses.
    In fact if you look it up you can even find like 481000 companies doing Cobol since like forever all kindly waiting for your kind reply regarding outsourcing your work to them.
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