Some dev removed everything from the only server that doesn't have any backup.

We know this server is temporary, but we didn't want to remove the data without fixing the current bugs on this temporary server.

So he deleted everything, and said he made a big mistake and went offline for two days.

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    Ya'll motherfuckers need containers.
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    @SortOfTested those were in containers, but the DB it was connected to, didn't have backup and he "mistakenly" removed everything, including the stuff he should not have touched.

    Now everyone is mad and he is removed from the team temporarily.
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    @taher That why you alway need backups.

    It does not in any way justify what he did of cause but even without anyone making a mistake, hard drives can die.

    So the first mistake was to not have a backup.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but having had similar thing happen, even the accidental deletion of live data, I believe that failing to have backups is the bigger mistake in this.

    And with over 25 years of being responsible for doing backups, that means that I blame my failure to ensure working backups more than my coworkers deletion of the data.
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    @Voxera absolutely. It's a fault for not having backups.
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