Writing my 13th tech book... which is nice and all... but this pandemic, plus absolute shit weather for weeks, is hammering my motivation. All I want to do is sit on the couch under a blanket and hammer my Netflix queue. But, I signed a contract, I have deadlines, so gotta get my ass moving (and fight to ensure this lethargy doesn't show up in the prose). As my daughter says: the struggle is real.

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    I feel you. The struggle is definitely real. Also props for publishing with Apress.
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    Same here. My motivation just went out the window
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    @sweetnothings You would think so, but for some reason, it's the exact opposite. I think it's maybe just the boredom of being in the same place all the time for so long. I'm kind of a homebody anyway, but at least before there were movies, and malls, and farmers' markets, to break up the monotony. Not so much now, and I think that just builds up and crushes any will to work.
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