I've been wondering what laptop I would want to buy next year for uni, I was considering buying a regular windows laptop then downloading a Linux based OS, but I then discovered this laptop company called System76, which sells Linux based laptops out of the box. I'm trying the OS they've developed and I really liked it. Would anyone of you who have tried these laptops recommend it for me?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    PopOS is good. Their laptop hardware is manufactured by clevo/Sager and is flaky. Dell XPS series will run PopOS well, be more reliable and have less than 2.5 weeks turnaround for repairs. MSI GS series will also run PopOS but may need tweaking and be cost effective.
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    @SortOfTested How's the battery on those two laptops? Is it better than the one on System76's Lemur?
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    System76 offers a 64wh battery, the xps 13 is slightly smaller at 59wh. The gs66 from MSI has a 99wh battery.

    To compare, you'll also need to use Intel graphics only, as that's what the "lemur" has.

    Bear in mind, the build and component quality on Dell or msi is going to be better than the Chinese whitebox laptops 76 sells. I fully support their efforts and would buy a desktop from them, but I won't touch their lappies.
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    @SortOfTested Thank you for the advice, I'll look into the Dell XPS and MSI laptops.
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    A used or current ThinkPad T or X series laptop is also a good deal. I got a new T480 on a great discount from Lenovo's site because it was the older model, hooked up to an eGPU the thing absolutely shreds stuff. Plus I like the ThinkPad keyboard.

    Their support is pretty meh though, but not as crap as Lenovo consumer laptops. Plus ThinkPad T and X have good build quality. Also, wonderful Linux support.
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    @RememberMe I second. Thinkpad all the way. A but expi, but the battery life and durability you get is the money well-spent.
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