So we use SAP for this little thing.

Booking your work times in a self service. And guess what?!
That shitty piece of software cant handle such an easy task. I mean seriously what the heck?!

They load everything from the slowest server the world has ever seen.
It litterally takes 2 seconds to click a button and something happens.

I need at least 1 minute for one entry! ONE!!!!!

Not to forget to mention it is down like all the time. Hey there are more than 4 users?!
Lets burn the instance down to the ground. Yeah thanks SAP cloud. Great job!

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    You need to add a couple more million to the monthly bill.
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    SAP is devil's herb.

    I mean coriander.

    Burn it all.
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    Honestly, fuck SAP.

    This is an open source alternative for it. They are also going to start Cloud services soon.

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    SAP is a service that has the sole purpose of selling you more SAP
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    Why would you use SAP for that? There's tons of alternatives...
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    @bytewind I am not in the position to change that :(
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    @R3ym4nn i was being rethorical as in why would anyone buy their stuff. At my current work they just switched to heavily customized redmine: they hired two guys to make it work for us and now we've started licensing our customised redmine plugins lol
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    @bytewind Yeah, just would like to say if i could change it, fuck sap - just purge it of the servers!

    I remember redmine being ugly as hell though it sounds cool with the plugin.
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