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    I'm pretty sure the Mac mini was also free from windows on macos. 😘 #ArchMasterRace
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    @SortOfTested, yeah I suppose so, but it still has it’s quirks, like it’s price
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    Yes, using homebrew is definitely a bridge too far.
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    Lookin' good my man!
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    Posts like these warm my heart.
    Welcome home.
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    It’s not freedom yet, but your on the right track!
    Keep walking!

    Oh, iusearchbtw
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    @M1sf3t I'm on the some boat(with windows), I raged quite proton with resident evil 7
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    @SortOfTested yeah but you're not cool enough here, if you write free from mac os
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    "There's just an audible difference when running the game on proton compared to just using windows and I figure it best not to tempt fate by putting additional stress on my hardware for no particular reason other than to just avoid microsoft." -- @M1sf3t

    I think I'll quote you like that every time I talk about proton. well said dude
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    @Root nice to be home, last time I used ubuntu was back in college, it’s changed a fair bit since then
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