Layoff wave in Germany.
There is a new open-source project on Github, willbeallright-COVID19 for engineers being recently layoff because of the COVID19 situation. The main aim is to help programmers to stay connected to job opportunities. Quite interesting as the main contributor mentioned immediate questions that should be asked after the notification, and it seems to be on point as even here I've seen people searching for that information like What about all the personal items you have on the company computer? How can you get this information back? She is looking for community support so if you have any experience with layoff might be an interesting project.

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    I have deep experience with developer layoff. Since you’re actually adding something that have some value that is code despite the management, coordinators, experts and other people around IT business if you have some skills it’s no problem to find another job.
    If you have some money savings, you’re quite smart and your business is not regulated by government you can even create competition and tell your former boss to go fuck himself.
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