Manager asked intern to bring coffee during meeting

Intern came back with an empty cup and his mouth full of coffee which he emptied into the cup

Since then, I have not seen the Intern at office.

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    That's brilliant. But, no tea?
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    Hats of to that intern.
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    I'd rather this manager piece of substandard cum was nowhere to be seen again.
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    I'm lucky enough not to get treated like a personal assistant when I was an intern but then again, some people find me scary. Maybe it's my massive throbbing dick always looking for a chance to slap someone in the face.
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    @SortOfTested i love tea, but it does nothing for me in terms of keeping me awake. I venture to say it is the same for most people.
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    Just wondering at a theoretical Japanese office place with coffee on the reg.
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    Just move you faty ass and go get your coffee XD
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