I've yet to see a developer use visual studio code in one of my projects instead of webstorm/intellij and not fuck up the code formatting in their first commits. Ffs use the damn editorconfig file people.

Also please use an ide that shows you warnings and unused imports I'm tired of cleaning this crap up

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    It'll get the job done, but yeah, inbuilt editor config would be nice.
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    Any decent linter will catch unused imports. Make them install one if they refuse to use an IDE.

    I use VSCode most of the time because I mostly write Python and PyCharm is way overkill for that.
    Installed the Python extension and made sure to install pylint in my virtualenv, and I have all of the most important features of an IDE without the bloat.
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    why use a bloated piece of software that has a quadzillion of Features no one needs that takes as long to startup as long as I need to make a cup of coffee?

    Also speaking of .editorconfigs: last time I checked, IntelliJ Products used to save their data into some xml files in the .idea folder.
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    @dsteiner yes they do but if a .editorconfig file is present it's used instead
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    Just add some git hooks on the server side or linting in your ci pipeline.

    In combination with blocking master direct access/push thats a great way to keep shitty code out of your repo.
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