Unnamed hacking game - "terminal" graphics
-Multiplayer. Last man standing.
-Like a tower-defence game but technical
You work for a company that has outsourced their technical department to Bykazistan, a country with good internet and bad laws. On one hand, labor is very cheap! There are no pesky laws protecting workers, so you don't need to pay them what they're worth. Phew. However, there are also no laws against cyber crime. But for a start-up like you, the risk is worth the reward!
...which would be great! If you were the only company with that idea. As it turns out, you aren't. All of your competitors also recently outsourced to Bykazistan, and that could be an issue.
You would be afraid, but you are a hardened businessman. You are familiar with the cut-throat nature of the business world and where others see risk, you see opportunity. Let the games begin.
Your mission is to protect your ciritical assets at all costs, eliminate your opponents, and make ciritical financial decisions - all while maintaining your uptime!
Build a botnet and attack your competition to decrease their uptime and disable their attacks. Port scan your opponents to learn more about their network, but beware of honeypots! Initiate devastating social engineering attacks - and train your employees against them! Brute-force their credentials, and strengthen your own.
Make sure to keep your software patched...

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    Your main goal is your company's integrity. Over time, you become more respected and attract more customers, earning more credibility. Attacks against you make you look bad - and your competitors good. More integrity means more money, and that's exactly what you need to keep your own assets safe - and attack those of your competitors.
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    Please name this game, "Peter's principles of success."
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    Would it be more like MUDs or something like Hacknet?
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    I love this
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    @AlgoRythm minor edit suggestion: *successful attacks against you make you look bad and your competitors look good. And viceversa.

    Otherwise someone could just keep spamming icmp flood attacks against you and shout it out loud to bring down your reputation, even if your firewall never even flinched.
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