*runs CLI program from Explorer*
*program runs fine*
*chainloads CLI program from Python os.system()*
"This program cannot be run in DOS mode."


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    Program has standards.
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    Stop using useless things ? Like Python ?
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    @NoToJavaScript "useless things like Python" you would recommend... what, QBASIC? Assembly? Fortran? Having to reimplement 80% of Python in C/C++ to get fuck all done is also not really worth it so what?
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    @Parzi Well it really depends.
    Me, personally, I would write a c# script. (Look into interactive c#)
    But I guess everyone likes something different.
    I just put these in “useless” basket : Python, perl, php.
    I really do not see any upside of using these languages.
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    @NoToJavaScript not having to take 30 hours to figure out why something doesn't work? A decent IDE that doesn't need 1.5GB of RAM to start? Not having to write entire libraries to get something simple done?
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    Right now, I’m debugging a large C# project(More than 2M lines, without counting front end). My IDE takes less than one gig of ram.
    Debugging? Lol just put a break point and you are good (Also support front end If needed)
    I bet I can faster debug in c#. (You know with IntelliTrace and shit)
    I have everything I need to “make things down”.
    Screenshot : Ram used by VS2019 while having the project opened.
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    > IntelliTrace
    at that point are you even debugging or do you just look at a thing, hit enter and everything is redone for you? never bothered with "smart" IDEs as they more often than not get in my way. Even auto-complete garbage gets in my way, actually.

    also IDLE eats like 500MB or less with a 14MB script open...
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    I think it’s more of how do you want to work ?
    Do you want to be a master of 100% things ?
    Now, do you NEED to control everything?
    Again, I am not bashing on you or anything. I am just saying with the power of CPUs now, use whatever the fuck you want to use to code.
    Maybe you should try “smart” (like you said) IDEs.
    I’m 35. I wrote CRUD so much times in my life it sickens me. I would rather try and generate all of it. Its not fun to write CRUD.
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    @NoToJavaScript actually, fun fact, you can be in control of 100% of things in Python. With some work you can do stack manip and ROP chains and such.

    I prefer Python because C likes to have a stroke and drop data from RAM or just forget a pointer or whatnot and it's not intuitive at all to use pointers in C specifically (it's literally easier to use jump tables in assembly than it is use pointers in python) and just all sorts of other bullshit that makes C just the worst for anything I do.

    I can't use "smart" IDEs as they're always really aggressive: "HEY YOU MEANT THIS LEMME FIX THAT FOR YA" midway through typing, say, a declaration or some shit, or "there's no way to not autocomplete" when doing fucking anything or "hey this doesn't work" it's rIGHT THERE C FOR FUCKS SAKE IT'S DEFINED GLOBAL
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    So you can be in C#/.Net. Every single class can be overridden. Even “String”.

    Look at that : https://blog.paranoidcoding.com/201...
    Now C# is a different beast from C :) We forgot what point is many years ago haha.
    Foe the last point, yes, it can be intrusive some times from IDE. But usually it’sfun.
    “Oh, what the fuck IDE wants now ?”
    “Do you want to implement this interface and generate code ?”
    “Oh yeah, I want. Prettyy please implement everything I need automagicly”
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    @NoToJavaScript if my ide is gonna do it for me why am i even there
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    You can't actually override or hide System.String, it's a sealed class.

    You can define another class named String in another namespace, but that's not overriding either.

    In either case, unless you're mindlessly importing random things, the IDE will scream at you that the reference is ambiguous and you should apply a few neurons to discriminating the right one.
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    @NoToJavaScript yes we WANT the fine control. You know what's gonna happen if we don't have that or not advantage of that control? Look no further than anything that has Javascript in it.
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    @SortOfTested Yes, not the best choice of words on my end ;p

    here more info :

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