Gonna shoot pulseaudio in the balls someday soon.

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    How bout you rather shoot Poettering to prevent him spreading his worthless genes.
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    I switched my laptop (where my dev-magic happens) to Voidlinux as it uses runit as an init-scheme and offers native musl-libc support on top.
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    So what's wrong in pulseaudio?

    Edit: should perhaps read tags too
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    @amatrelan Many, many things.
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    @Root I don't have that much of problems with pulseaudio, it works mostly out of box, some changes is required based on system but that's cause I have multiple audio outputs in desktop (hdmi, yeti and Mobo sound) but otherwise it's mostly works out of the box.

    I don't go as far to say it's flawless but for normal usage it's "good". Of course if I would require 0 latency and use my desktop as DAW I would stay far from pulse and use jack + alsa.

    I remember there were a lot problems with Pulseaudio about 5-10 years ago and I also stuck with alsa but nowadays I don't notice any "gamebreaking" issues personally.
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    I didn't think I could ever want somebody to get cubed the subway until I had to interface with Pulse.
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