I was stuck for almost 2 weeks on a button that would display, given a certain icon, and that would not display if it was another icon, although I checked the icons multiple times to make sure they existed.
A asked a co-worker for help. He looked at my code, couldn't figure out either. Called a 3rd co-worker. He looked at my code. "Yeah, seems right? ... Wait a second!" He found the problem.
... One FUCKING TYPO I had always overlooked, that was the name of the icon. 🤦

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    Any other error in world is better than a typo cause u sit for all day and still can't figure out why your "right" code is not working
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    To help you next time you run into something like that you could write a class that does your show/hide functionality but then throws an exception if it cannot find the element specified in the UI. It's saved me more than once.
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