When my team ships a new version, someone I've never met sends out a company wide announcement email personally thanking a bunch of people I've never heard of for their work.

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    Could be worse. We had an executive vp who would drive by at a former employer. He'd come in with either some piece of ass he wanted to hook up with or a senior muckity muck to show off his minions and extend his magnaminatude to us in the least expensive manner he could.

    He'd then leave and I'd have to tell the team who the fuck this ridiculous rando was.

    If you're reading this. Fuck you Bill. Fuck you for running off all the talent. Fuck you for delegating to the most incompetent people you could find. Fuck you for promoting people who sucked your dick over ability. Fuck you for all the failures we endured under your "leadership." Fuck you for outsourcing jobs repeatedly so you could cover your ass in vendor indemnity while we all paid the price in gray hair and culpability. I'm glad you got canned.
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    yeah, fuck you Bill!

    fuck you Mike!
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