My job feels (and acts) like a soulless void.

Wow, that sounds like lyrics to an emo song for adults. screw that.

But it's still pretty accurate: While I have quite a few coworkers, and they're at least somewhat chatty, they never seem to respond to me, or even notice me. I see them talking, but anything I do or say gets ignored. It goes into the void and disappears.

I talk in the off-topic channels. People talk around me.
I make comments on releases. No responses.
I talk about music I've been addicted to. No responses.
I talk about food and cooking -- a popular topic at work. No responses.
I respond to an invitation to join the security team. No responses. (well, an empty deferral)
I release various features, some both my boss and a coworker described as "soul-crushing." No thanks, priase, appreciation; honestly, no one even seemed to notice.
I build useful utilities and functions for other devs to use. Nothing.
I optimize the scripts everyone uses on a daily basis, and mention it to others. Still nothing.

The void eats my efforts, and occasionally spits out parcels of work for me to do. The only responses I recieve from the void are when I ask about its parcels of work. When I send them back completed, nothing happens -- unless they need more work. If they do not... nothing.

My previous job was friendly and nice and rewarding.
The job before that was Hell.
This one feels like Purgatory, but ... somehow emptier.

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    I find myself currently in a very simular situation.

    You add great stuff and trying to start discussions, conversations and so on and it seems like no one replies or even notices.

    For my part i am currently applying to different jobs and try to find some better place for me.

    I dont know if this is a way for you too or maybe its just the feeling of devs in general. But this is my first real fulltime job so yeah thats just my two cents.
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    @sweetnothings Thats a good way to think about it.
    But yeah some people like us seem to be invisible or maybe we are speaking a higher language? :D
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    I generally don't expect anyone to respond without specifically @usering them. Everyone is down in their own shit most of the time, at least for us.

    At my clients, there are no off topic channels because everyone is a terrified IT drone.
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    Everyone seems pretty chatty and conversations are common, so Slack isn't a ghost town. I just feel ignored and out of place, like despite my best efforts I keep breaking some unspoken rules and am being shunned for it. It's weird and uncomfortable.

    I think it's just a bad fit.
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    You make me want to join that company so I can shit on the channels and we can talk about occult stuff. When someone calls us out for being offensive, we ignore them then we talk about them in the channels. They see us plan how we're gonna turn their flesh into jam and the different sizes of mason jars we're gonna put into their ass. Every now and then, I'll "accidentally" send a dick pic to the group. Think big thick veiny cock slathered in white sunblock, sweaty balls glistening in the sun. Oopsie.

    Maybe they're one of those companies where employees take a while to ease up to new ones or they could be intimidated by you. I only encounter this in a Discord channel where most members are truck drivers. Not looking down on them but they just can't relate to some of the shit I say.

    Even with food, since most of the members are obese, gooey cheese burgers get responses but healthy salads or ingredients that the masses cannot afford will always be ignored.
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    You can always chat / rant here.

    Yeah, does not fix the situation, but idk, think of it as the "rant" department.

    And do not try to hard to make those coworkers to talk, If they do not see the person you are they can go to hell, or be a bit like "... what, sudenly everyone forget how to type? That could explain why I have so much stuff to fix for you"

    I undestand how the situation is burning you (I too was there), but you need to apply a bit of comedy to the situation! Or search a new job (Is not so bad either)
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    That's quite a harsh situation.
    I understand your job is remote, and thus all chats are online, right?
    Do you have ANYONE with whom you can have some private talk? Maybe your boss? You could try asking them if they think you're being weird or whatever they guess is the reason why you're ignored.
    Of course they can simply dismiss it and make you think it's "just your view", but if that happens and nothing changes... well, the market is still open amidst all the pandemic. :)
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    @sweetnothings I don't think she's weird either, but that was the quicker adjective I got to represent whatever her coworkers might be thinking. You're definitely right, the weird people are them hahah
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    @bonegarden If I'm being honest, most everything except talking. They know the codebase better, and know each other better. But honestly they all kind of suck as devs; they write semi-awful, overcomplicated code that often doesn't age or scale well. But they treat me like a very green newbie because I'm new. Fair, but it's frustrating.

    The two best devs are decent, but still guilty of the same.
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    @bonegarden Thanks!
    Though I don't think I'm that weird, or at least not weird enough to be shunned.

    And I agree with the rest of what you said, but mostly i just find the whole thing tiring.
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    @bonegarden A bit over eight months.
    Quite a long time for things to still be weird, now that I think about it.
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