It’s from a job posting for a fully remote position. You have to invest your time for a homework task, 2 interviews a week apart, and only then you get the priviledge to know the salary range.
Your compensation is based on your location, even though it’s a remote job with digital nomad wibes.
Guys, you are not Google to pull this off.

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    It's not abnormal for a company not to reveal what they're willing to pay in a job listing, but who the fuck comes up with the idea that compensation for effort is ever not going to be a decisive factor when someone considers potential employment.
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    Recruiter posted jobs don't show the ranges. Going direct to companies they generally don't have any issue confirming ranges. One of the reasons I don't engage with recruiters anymore.
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    @SortOfTested I might have to give that a try, I'm getting nowhere with the job boards.

    Speaking of the job boards, your fears about bloomberg going indie may potentially come true. His media company reposted a job listing a couple days ago that had originally been listed when he first started campaigning and taken down the same week he backed out of the primaries. Could be entirely coincidence of course, but the timing couldn't have been any more exact.
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    Yeah, this next election is going to be a shitshow. Even compared to the last one.
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    @SortOfTested right? If they get any worse we're gonna have to dress them up in face paint and a big red nose.

    We had the freakin tiger king run in the last race and not one comedian found the time to make a decent bit about it on account of the main candidates already feeding them so much material to work with 🙄
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    I'm actively working to obtain British and Japanese citizenship as a backup plan.
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    @SortOfTested I don't blame you one bit. For now I've got a decent buffer between me and the rest of the US but if worse comes to worse, I figure I'll take another page from jimmy buffet's playbook and sail on down to the caribbean, unofficially expatriated.
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    I bet these fuckers do think money is decisive if the candidate wants too much.
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    Money is really decisive, and it's just a crap. How do recruiters expect to get somebody to work with them? LOL
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    It’s mandatory to declare the salary in jobpostings in Austria. Saved me a lot of time when looking for jobs
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