Our teacher is forcing us to code in an outdated version of a really bad IDE to write basic C, we can't use anything else!
The IDE is bad and crashes often, and I can't even do anything about it!
I suggested various IDE such as visual studios but nope!

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    What IDE? Also, how would they know what you use outside of class? What kind of fucked up place is this?
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    Tell them you would prefer writing code via a magnetized needle and bare drive platter to using their outdated piece of crap. Might drive the point home.
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    @Root Swamp gas reflected off of @Rutees penis.
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    @rutee07 Its show time ^^
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    @Frederick Thanks for the correction!
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    @Demolishun the IDE is a really old version of Netbeans, we have to show our code via screen-sharing during online classes
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    @Luwuke Maybe find a newer version that looks the same that is less buggy. Plausible deniability, "This is netbeans. What do you mean I am running netbeans?"

    Not sure why someone would program C in a Java IDE. Where is this mystical bass ackwards place?
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    We are using blueJ in school for Java development. What the cinnamon fuck shit is this
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    @PublicByte Autocompletions! I haven't used those in such a long time. I've been using RubyMine for awhile at my current job, and while it does offer autocomplete, it's so slow at figuring out what um typing could be (and laggy in displaying the popup) that I've usually already finished typing before anything appears.

    I liked Sublime's autocomplete. It only suggested things you have already typed, rather than language constructs. And its smart indent doesn't think it's smarter than me and continually fight with me like a four year old.
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    Maybe I should teach your teacher a lesson..
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    Why would he make you use an IDE? At my uni the Prof just said he likes using emacs and think it's a good choice. In general they wanted us to learn the basics without fancy ide stuff. I guess he's just that kinda person, heard of similar shit from other majors
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    @Luwuke do you have dual monitors? You can share screen 1 with the outdated piece of crap and in screen 2 have the fancy IDE of your choice.
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