Webpage: It looks like you are using ad-blocker
Me: It looks like you are getting closed biatch.

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    Cmd-w that shit, fuck those desperate money-grabbing wankers
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    When I really wanna read the page I just F12 and delete the popup.
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    So much shit popping up these days.

    Gdpr notices, privacy popups, cookies, captchas, paywalls, adblock notices, subscribe modals, chat boxes...

    I wish that “””AI””” crap everyone is touting would actually work so we can have it get rid of all this shit and be able to browse and read in peace.

    Otherwise i’m gonna have to get some chinks in the basement to block it somehow as I open pages.

    PS or someone should just make javascript and ads illegal.
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    Code that is executed in your browser environment that can be targeted at your browser version.

    Nothing to see here. Move along!
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    Hosting ain’t cheap 💩

    But I’m talking mad shit right now because I AdBlock everything 😂
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    @Superviral the worst thing is I agree to disable Adblock but website does not recognize it.
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    People that do that are assholes. Respect my decision to filter content.
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