Oh u know, I haven't done much of anything workwise since we all got sent home due to Corona. I feel bad about it but also like it's only partially my fault. I work like shit from home, true, but I would probably be more efficient if I had any way of knowing what I'm doing 😭 I switched depts a week before Corona and as a result I only got one hour of training in a new system and have had to teach myself the rest 😔 pour one out for ur homegirl who feels bad but also can't learn any quicker. I have half a mind to just respond to one of those pesky recruiters spamming me lately.

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    Are you still working from home? I am already back at the office since the start of last month.

    About getting into a system with no knowladge at all, it took me also a while to understand this legacy code for the app i have to refactor/recode alone, no documentations etc from the former Company that owned the project. I honestly was about to cry of how shitty the code base were, bur i kept in and now i am almost done. So just keep in there, i know you can do it.
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    @Frederick yep, basically no one has been allowed to return to the office yet, because they "aren't ready" and "need to take proper precautions" or whatever. I suspect I'll be the last to move back on premise being a part time worker and all.

    Ugh I feel that, I also have bad old code that nobody bothered to document because it was just one guy working on it and he remembered what he did 👀
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    I remember the 3-4 Weeks i was home were a hell, living with someone that couldnt work at All due to Corona were a hell and didnt help on my productivity. The only good thing about working from home were i didnt had to get up at 6 and the one hour travel time each way.

    Yeah that shit codebase i am currenrtly recoding, the original company behind it is a meme in our company due to being so shit.
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    I feel that. I live alone but just being at home where I usually chill is hurting my productivity so much.

    Lmao we also have a vendor that is a meme in our company for being the shittiest 😂
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    Honestly we are never getting tired of laughing of some of their stupid mistakes, and that also makes me thinks i am at least not that shit to what i am doing.
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