For uni we get assignments based on our classes. I'm always super excited about these and immediately start thinking about how I would implement it and come up with cool features I could add.
I would write out the whole thing and plan everything. Eventually I get distracted by other assignments or things. Then 1 or 2 days before the actual deadline I start coding like a madmen, thinking about al the features I wanted to implement and realizing I would never make it in time.
That's the moment I switch to plan B. Which is creating the best possible demo I can present. Most of the time this does the trick. I would show my professors the demo and they wouldn't notice the completely broken application and the code that was hacked together.
Luckily I always managed to get good grades!

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    Reminded me of how I was preparing imitation of how motors work and which motion my CNC plotter was based on, *just* before my presentation of graduate project. The thing is, they liked my understanding of what has to be done, even when I didn't make the machine.
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    @vintprox Yep, that's the thing. If you can show them you understand the core concept they are more then happy
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