Remind me why zoom is the most popular video conferencing app?

How are people fine with a 40 minute time limit on the meetings and having to pay to remove that limit?

This thing is Chinese trash.

Use Google Meet ffs.

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    Yep, horrible for a business to provide a service for free then ask for money beyond a certain time 😆
    The amount of infrastructure they are running to make that 40 minute call happen for free for millions will be losing them loads.
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    Maybe most people end their meetings within 40 min. Zoom has a clean, easy to use UI. It has its share of security problems and they are (apparently) fixing them, but I haven't found any major usability problems. My meetings are mostly quick ones ranging from 15 to 30 min

    But I had expected them to remove this limit (or at least double this limit) during the lockdown period when people had to WFH
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    "Chinese trash bad, but American trash good!"

    Both are awful.
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    Honestly, I didn't know Zoom existed until my company announced they would be changing to it from WebEx.

    Honestly also, Zoom beats WebEx in usability hands down. Although I still have a soft spot for GoToMeeting.
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    I didn't know Zoom existed until the news about its security issues rose up.

    Use jitsi meet ffs!
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    Google meet instead, really? Then you're moving from American/chinese trash to mass surveillance, awesome idea to share business information on such a platform, yes.

    @saucyatom This or any other privacy friendly solution.
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