So we have a query inside our company :
We are developers. We are (At least supposed to) logic.
Do you think We developers can influence environment of the planet?
For my self : Not sure, but I would like to believe that more my code is optimized, less resources it will use.

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    If we cared about the environment we wouldn't be transmitting 1MB for the site, and 10MB for advertising and tracking.

    Also, the 10 year timeline for the destruction of the planet because of environmental issues really doesn't matter. Aliens are going to wipe out huge swaths of humans by 2029 anyway. Which many environmentalists believe is a good thing. So environmentalism as we know it today is complicit with murdering billions of people. Yay! Fits the alien agenda! Yay!
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    @Demolishun where did you dig up the aliens story tho?
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