I'm so used to phones that when I stretched with my 3DS in my hand I was fully prepped for the screens to auto-rotate.

what have you done to me

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    What are you playing on 3DS?
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    @rutee07 SoulSilver off an R4 atm, might continue Bravely Second soon.
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    @Parzi just got mom a 2ds, any tips on how to do the whole jailbreak thing? I got it to be able to play saved nds games and such but not much more than that
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    @ScribeOfGoD get a specific R4 that does ntrboot as well, then use ntrboot. The NDS-mode softmod stuff has flaky SD support, so modding with the R4 (if you even wanna bother, it works for NDS only stuff without hacking 3DS mode) is best (and safest) bet, and it's like $30.
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