I wish I was as addicted to working as addicted to procrastinating.

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    Find someone to pay you to procrastinate and you'd stop doing it.
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    Careful what you wish for.
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    If you are addicted to working, you will ignore your body and push it to the limits. One day you'll wake up feeling scared because you can't move anymore from bed. Better to wish for the middle. I don't think I heard anyone got sick or died from doing less work. Homeless from no work, yes.
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    @sweetnothings same thing happened to me before. I abused my body with 3-4 hour sleep on weekdays. Now I count my sleep and make sure I get 6-8 hours.
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    @iamai "I abused my body.."

    *sweats profusely*
    *heavy breathing*
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    @rutee07 if you have trouble breathing you might want to buy also an inhaler
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