sorry hexrays, making "IDA Home" completely useless? this ain't it, chief.


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    Open a game in Ida pro, now open it in ghidra and look at the memory usage and ghidra begging for more memory 🤣

    I think ghidra uses 6 times more memory than Ida does. Because ghidra is written in Java, and Ida in C. Duh

    Also there's a decompiler, you just don't find it
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    @d4rckh the decompiler isn't free and is extra with IDA. Ghidra is entirely free. Additionally, Ghidra analyzes faster than IDA for me, and if you're running out of RAM on a game EXE, it's either got a massive DRM engine or you need to close some goddamn programs.
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    @d4rckh just noticed you said "IDA Pro." "IDA Home" doesn't come with a decompiler at all, which is literally the only useful part of IDA. "IDA Pro" is way more expensive and a different package.
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