My company decided to stop remote working because of a lack of communication exactly 30 minutes after we talked about how communication was improved since the lockdown.

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    It CAN NOT improve on remote work.
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    Looks like the improvement hadn't been communicated. Teehee.
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    @aviophile It improves because we are using the chat more than usual, and it's not acceptable to shout in an open space
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    @Fast-Nop it's just a politically correct excuse to say "ideologically, we don't like remote working"
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    Well, some time ago I was dreaming about remote work, but I can't benefit from it now when it's forced remote work xD I want to meet people once in a while, hello
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    @vintprox we are happy to see each other, but it may not be the moment. Anyway, my problem with that kind of decision, is that the direction is stuck into idelogical principles and that nobody asked us if we were having communication problems.
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    @Tounai fair point there
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    The architect who designed offices to contain countless cubicles specialized in designing prisons. This is the prevailing mindset of upper management, especially in very large companies. There is an assumption than unwatched employees are not fearful, and employees who are not fearful do not mush like mgmt wants.
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    @bahua This is what my current company did when we were moving to a new office. Trying to fit as much as people as possible, the office looks like internet cafe.
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