Is there is an extension in VSCode where the ";" is added (when needed) if the file extension is for the programming language which support ";" ?

I been switching back and forth from the python and C++ and my sub-conscious is killing me.

Now it's a C++ I need a ";" , moment later I am coding in python and python don't need ";" .

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't actually know of any IDE that automatically adds semicolons because a machine can't always tell when you intend to end a statement. But if you install the language extensions (a pop-up should have come up in the bottom right when you first opened the file type) you can get more detailed error messages while writing your code.
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    Yes there is a pop up which show the detail error message but I am getting frustrated fixing those error due to me switching around language.

    I don't know if it work but I can think of the pseudo-logic like this

    For a semi-comma supported language


    Every time user goes to new line

    if (the current line is not empty && current line is not the statement which need semi comma like if-elseif-else,---etc) {

    add the semi comma at the end


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