been looking to integrate some sort of new thing with a raspberry pi because I'm bored. I was thinking about trying out LoRa transceivers but it would be a waste of money because I don't know what I would use it for. I have some knowledge of servers and such but I don't have any ideas on what to use a RPI for. any ideas?

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    I have an idea run a large fft test on it and keep a tea pot right over the CPU , it will keep it warm
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    Pi-hole(adblocker dns server thingy, sadly my router doesn’t let me change the dns settings... but normal ISPs allow it)

    nextcloud(cloud duh. Nice phone app to sync your photos though)

    Freenas(network attached storage good to have with next one)

    Mini-dlna(media center for your tv I usually watch movies that I torrent directly to pi thanks to nas)

    All of them can work on one pi at the same time. Also if you have model3 b+ or model4 better not to use raspbian since it doesn’t support 64bit user space only 64bit kernel which can cause issues with php for long values. I recommend ubuntu or debian or gentoo if you wanna compile everything etc.

    If you already have them or don’t want them for some reason then you can get a stepper motor and automate the curtains or make a toy that drives your pet crazy =)
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    @neriald thanks for your response! I'll look into this stuff and get back to you if I create any of it, but it might take a bit because I might order a new display for my pi
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