May 2020, for me, was still a massively shit month. All of my tech has eaten some amount of shit:

- Spare PC: Board and last spare PSU up in literal smoke all at once.

- PS3: Suddenly rejects *just* the OEM HDD. Also refuses all CFW for seemingly no reason despite being hacked.

- Xbox One: External HDD is having more and more corrupt reads and is taking longer and longer to serve data.

- Wii: Nearly ate shit as the OS disappeared mid-game for fucking no reason but thanks to my 5-year-ago forethought, saved. (God bless pre-boot homebrew menus)

- Phone: grabbed it to read an overheat warning with cold-ass hands, screen exploded.

- Desktop: Literally just now, PSU and possibly GPU fucking died mid-game.

Anything else? You still got like 4 days, you still got time to fucking kill me, May, you fucking bitch

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    *backs away slowly*

    PS: What about your monitors?
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    @Jilano i'm too tired to recall a monitor issue atm, remind me?
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    First world problems?
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    Bought parts for a custom NAS. The PSU went up with smoke and sent 12V to 5V standby line. Motherboard appears to be dead. Not sure about RAM yet. Waiting for new PSU to verify, but shipments are delayed.
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    Quality rant
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    Perhaps a stupid point, but don't suppose you've got power issues? A bunch of those problems look like they could all be related to power spikes or overvoltage conditions - that can wear components down pretty quick if it happens often enough.
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    Story of my life, almost like that every day !

    Related song:


    > Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)
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    @SomeNone It doesn't really matter if it's a custom-built machine with 1080TIs or a 15 year old thing. If you use it daily, it's expensive for your budget and it starts smoking you're fucked either way.
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    @Parzi If your brain thought it best to "block" that memory, I'm not going to be the one bringing it back.
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    I really don't understand what's up with people's hard drives
    I just tossed my 2003 250GB hard drive because of the small capacity, it had 0 issues. I have a raid 0 of 1tb hdds from ~2010 since 2017, it never failed on me 🧐
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    @MagicSowap You've been lucky... so far.
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