I notice something in the news network.

They can be either bias or don't take a stance.

For some topic their reporting is very bias. Only giving a single point of view and just use facts to confirm it. I call it being bias.

For topic which they can be criticize for taking either side they use the so called "expert discussion"

They gather various expert and discuss about the topics.

Start = Undecided
End = Still undecided with a lot of confusions.

Some people will call it Democratic news channel , Republican news channel. They are wrong. There is only 1 news channel since they are all the same.

I am losing trust on the news channel (which I should not be feeling)

Do you guy feel the same?

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    Thats why I make sure to follow several of different biases.

    Aggregating their reporting lets me get a more nuanced picture and allows me to build my own opinion.
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    but isn't the point of new channels is "aggregation".
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    @mr-user thats their point to ensure they get all advertising money from your time, not my priority ;)
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    you know what's get the most advertising money? Conflict. Sometime I feel they are creating conflict rather than reporting about it.

    Today I learn new fact about myself. I guess I have trust issue.
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