I've seen some posts on remote work. I believe all companies should permanently implement remote work if they cannot arrange a proper office.
I have been working for a company where programmers and project managers work in the same room, and sometimes I was trying to understand some problem in code when managers were screaming next to me at other developers or on the phone, because they couldn't hear themselves.
This happend so often that I would literally go home burned out.
Also there were people coming in the room to talk to the managers or just passing next to my screen every couple of minutes which was extremely distracting.
I bought a pair of over ear noise cancelling headphones and on top of that used ear plugs, but eventually I developed a very strange stress condition over the course of a year. Also listening to music while trying to focus for 8 hours a day while at work is very tiresome.
Also couldn't quit because it was my first job.

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    It would be great if it's more of an optional thing instead of requiring everyone to work remotely or requiring everyone to come to the office.

    In my team for example, we have agreed that we are more productive working remotely since the additional couple of minutes or hours spent on commute helps a lot but a couple of months earlier, my internet is absolute shit and I want to come to the office because I wouldn't get any work done at home at all.

    It's hard to set that up though. If only a few people would come to the office, they'd be paying for that building anyway (rent, electricity, etc.) and it would not be worth it. Then there are some people who are more productive in the office either because communication is better or they have annoying individuals at home. Co-working spaces would be nice if they weren't so expensive.
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