Alright, part 2/4 of my new project is done!

For those who are curious what this project is, I'll be posting some more info later this week! I just want to finish the v0.1 initial alpha/MVP and then I'll be revealing all the details.

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    "Screenshots commit suicide"
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    @Bybit260 ah yes, about that...
    I'm very lazy, there's no excuse.
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    Almost looks like a rest api for system orchestration, like puppet or chef.
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    @stonestorm you're good! It's something pretty close to that.
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    Worst attempt to advertise online of 2020
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    @aviophile true, but I'm not advertising, if I was I wouldn't be posting now.

    I'm not trying to drum up excitement, I'm just sharing my own.

    But since some people have expressed interest in what the project is, I'm letting them know that more info is on the way.
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    Why no transparency? Maybe people would be more interested?
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    @aviophile even once I do announce the project it will still be barely useable, so I'd rather have a more functional/actually working alpha that people can download and run, and use with some (serious) inconveniences.

    If you want tho, I'll tag you in the announcement post.
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    @chabad360 i would rather watch porn thanks 😂
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