Scariest moment of my life:

Known mouse holes: 4, so far

Known mice coming into the house last night: 5, verified by recordings

Mice left on floor by cats the next morning: 7... wait.

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    Supposedly, there are mice living inside your House.
    Probably in the walls,ceiling, floor.
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    @metamourge yup. I hear them moving around the walls in my room, too (and no, i'm not insane, the cats and others can hear them too)
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    So four mice went out. They ran into a friend who they invited for a party that night. There were two mice nearby eavesdropping on the conversation and decided to crash the party.
    The cats had a feast.
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    hahahahah funny
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    Did your cat take a bite of the mice or just killed them?
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    Proud of your kitty
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