why the hell would you set a router's default user/pass to nothing?! like to blank... WHY!!! spent about 2 hours trying to find this fricking thing online and of course, there's no documentation, who need that shit anyways

long story short: @router_manufacturers, set the default user/pass to "admin" AND PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!

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    the entire world could agree on how to order hundreds of thousands of characters but we can't have a standard password and username for a fricking router. pure bs
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    I believe the somewhat widely adopted practice of randomly generated passwords printed and attached to the router work nicely.
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    @pitaya4 there's a list of default router passwords built into, of all things, Hiren's Boot CD 15.2. It's still very much relevant, which is the shittiest thing, but true. The brands that use each are pretty much all of them now, so you get to plunk in a list of 200 or so cred sets, but it'll get you into 98% of misconfigured/unconfigured routers.

    @theKarlisK Every single case of that i've ever seen was derived from router serial (which some of them give out) or, even worse, MAC (which *ALL* of them give out!) At best, they'd salt with a regional-location-based value, but this is rare as shit and helps little as of fucking course it's always an XOR...
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    @Parzi I hadn't noticed that ... I also don't think I've come across one that had it that way either (just yet at least) or maybe I've not looked close enough. I think the first time I came across one of the routers with generated pass I tried looking what it was derived from but couldn't find any connection to serial number. It was my guesstimate that it's just obfuscated S/N just couldn't find any indication how it was obfuscated so I never bothered.
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