I'm still a student, I'm attending my second year of university. Today I got what I could call a job offer. But tbh I'm not sure about that. The company that should hire me doesn't exist yet and I will work as a part-time employee until I finish the university. Idk I feel like I'm not suited for the job (I will work as Web Dev), like I'm not good enough even for a job that still doesn't exist. Yeah I'm shit

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    I mean on the other hand free experience. If it turns out you ARE good at the job then now you know.
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    "I got what I could call a job offer."
    "The company that should hire me doesn't exist yet."

    This would definitely take a toll on your self-esteem. Find a real job offer from a company that exists, that would give you some security.
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    Grab it! If the people you'd be working with don't seem like a-holes, it's free experience (that you even get paid for). You can always quit the job if you don't fit in, the job doesn't fit you or when you later find something bettet/more interesting.

    Let me tell you a quick story: while on my 2nd year of UAS, I got fed up of being broke and applied for some dev jobs - wasn't even all that serious. I got a job, even as I was seriously underqualified. But they saw something in me - more precisely a person eager to learn - and after now a year and 8 months on their payroll (and yet to graduate) I'm pretty happy where I am, and as far as I know, they're happy to have me. And I know that if - or rather when - I get bored of web dev, having had this experience, I have an easier time following new paths than if I didn't. Companies value experience, after all, don't they?
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