Set up a chron job to backup my movies server.

copying 100-200 GB from a slow HDD to a slower HDD on a CPU that isn't exactly NASA material if you catch my drift.

I expected it to take a while but holy fuck, 45 minutes.

At least the archive finished at just 80GB.

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    So the setup so far:

    2TB main drive. 500GB backup drive, salvaged form an old laptop.

    Cron jobs that run a custom python script that run the tar command. One runs nightly and backs up the mcserver and all of my code/ projects. One runs monthly and backs up all my movies and the movie server. Nightly backup takes under a minute and as I have learned, the monthly one takes 45 (And counting. I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and doing some sort of differential backup solution to avoid the hard drive strain). Both are compressed.

    Of course, systemctl services on the mcserver and the movie server.

    Everything is hooked up and automated so I never need to really dip into the server until I want to make changes. What more could I even ask for.
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    My media server backup (using rsync) runs quick (at least after the initial 36+ hour copy) but I’m not compressing, just copying the delta off to another... well another NAS in this case, but could be another drive, pc shared drive, or whatever. Also have this run by cron but it’s just a basic shell script that first checks if the nfs share is available, if not attempts to mount it (just in case some weird restart of machines caused one to be down and not mounted) then rsync the delta of my media directory. I have TV shows run daily at 02:00, movies weekly, and music weekly
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    @ddickenson mind share it in a gist? I'm overhauling my media setup which includes backing up my preexisting goats to GDrive and sounds like something useful lol
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    Can see about documenting it. Using unraid for my stuff now. Just boxes I built from the bones of previous desktops and stuff and tossed in a rack mount case! Can you rsync to gdrive?
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    @ddickenson currently doing now! Lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD well, technically I'm using rclone to mount the drive then using rsync to it
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    How I did it... may not be the best way, but it syncs the delta of the stuff daily at 23:00 then only once a month it goes out and runs the "clean" which basically says if it got delete over here on the "main" side go ahead and delete it on the backup side. I didn't wanna run that daily in case I realized I deleted something I didn't mean to I could recover it unless the stars aligned just wrong...

    The movie is the exact same as the tv just a different directory.
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    I guess technically I am compressing during transmission but not to a tarball. The files are decompressed on the other end. Oh and I said I’m doing it all at 23:00, I actually only do movies every... Sunday I think. Whatever it says there in the cron entry.
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