Have you ever been in that situation where you really wanted to start a pet project, but you didn’t have the energy to do it after work, but in the same time you didn’t want to work on your project you have been assigned to at your job, so you slacked all day because you didn’t have the guts to work on your pet project at your job? I’m pathetic.

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    That's me right now haha

    My employer really pissed me of the past three days (political reasons; won't get into it). I also learned that they fully expect my current ticket to take four weeks (!) so.

    I'm totally looking for something else to do. I might pick up Godot and remake my same pet gamedev project for like the tenth time.

    Or I might pick up python and make another baby game for my children.
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    @Root glad I’m not the only one :D have fun!
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    You just summarizes my last 2 months
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