I spent most of today debugging the server part of my service. The logo on the page didn't show on the local Windows Server.

My first thought was that the static files path is messed up (nginx with Windows path might be confusing, is it D:/file, D:\file, or even D:\\file), so I tried playing with it. But wait, the page works, so it must be something else because css and js and even the fonts are loaded.
Could it be a cache issue? Are the images too big?
No, fuck you Microsoft, Internet Explorer doesn't show webp images. FML

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    IE is long out of feature maintenance, so that's excused. Safari however is still activem, and this piece of shit can't do webp either.

    The other question is - why you don't use the picture tag for next gen formats?!
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    @Fast-Nop IE is the only browser that was installed on the Server which I used to test it. And I don't know what a picture tag is. 🥴😛
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    @mithrial Then you should read up on that, or the page won't show up properly under iOS either. It can be used to basically offer webp to browsers that support it, and use a fallback img tag with jpg, png, gif or whatever.
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    @mithrial yep, and use IE to download other browser, if network allows
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    @vintprox but it's a server, I feel weird installing software it doesn't need on the production server.
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