When that voice in the back of my head stops saying "you're not good enough yet"


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    What is the secret?
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    @devGaara of passion? Already did that.
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    Always answer it with "By whose standard?".
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    @aj7397 answer: your own.
    Personally, my self-criticism is several orders of magnitude harder and harsher than the standards I hold other people by. Often to my own detriment.

    No, relaxing my personal standards down to those I apply to others is not the right answer.
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    @endor It is fair to not relax your personal standards down to ensure that you still keep going at the right direction. However, sometimes when you keep telling yourself "you're not good enough" you might end up losing motivation. This is basically what happened to me.

    My solution to this issue consisted of two parts:
    1- To ask "By whose standard".
    2- To know what I don't know and ensure that my skills are put into context. This is achieved by determining what I want to develop, and then going after the cleanest and most professional (standardized) methods to developing each phase/iteration of it. As well as drawing a timeline of what I want to learn in an ordered manner and check those checkboxes as fast as possible.

    This way, whenever I tell myself "you're not good enough", I refute that is seconds and go back to focusing on code.
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    @devGaara most likely never. But you can always turn that into a positive "I'm a work in progress and I can learn something new every day" attitude. And let's face it: there's always going to be people better at something than you (that you can learn from), but also people who don't have the skills you do.
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