so apparently my desktop hdd is going bad in the most infuriating way possible: Read speeds are perfectly fine, but write speeds are literally peaking at 600 BYTES PER SECOND. I waited A LITERAL 25 MINUTES (i timed it, 24m51s) to get to the login process. It's performing worse than 320k floppies do.

The disk is 13% full and 0% fragmented. It's negotiating SATA 3.

Time to w&r ig

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    Every single piece of hardware you have seems to be failing in this quarantine. Feels bad man.
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    @neeno ikr, it makes me depression
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    Well, that is not the worst way for it to fail. It would be worse if its head crashed on every single read.
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    @kescherRant or tore off and stuck to the platter. This is just more infuriating, is all.
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    @Parzi So, what are you going to replace it with?
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    @Jilano Nothing, no cash. Only other thing I have is my backup drive, and it's in use. Hell, that's not even in great shape.
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    Needless to say, back it up before it craps out entirely.

    What does SMART say about the drive?

    And is it really a rotating drive? I got rid of all my spinning rust platters a while ago.

    Or actually, I probably still have one or two 2.5" drives somewhere in a drawer, I'm tempted to offer sending you one…
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    @SomeNone SMART checks out and it does spin yes.
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