We got this feature on our app where if you change the status of an action item, it moves down/up to join its brethren of the same status at the bottom of its respective grouping. This is also true for creation.

Problem is: Testing.

I embarked upon this fuckin ridonkulousness today where I had to test all possible scenarios. Empty list, list with only A status, list with only B, list with A and B, list with A and C, etc etc

9 fucking hours later and a lot of anger, I am finally done. I powered back probably 10 club sodas, 6 teas, and had chillstep rollin all day.

If y'all ever feel like giving up because shit's hard, keep pushin. You'll get it eventually ;)

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    We are ☺️. Definitely learned this lesson the hard way, and I’m a hard ass now about automated tests as a result. Just for this one feature alone that I worked on, there were 288 more tests (generated, not hand written) to cover all the possibilities
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