Just had my coworker to notice me, that there is a fire alarm right now.

Man I must say, good Job Sennheiser on Their NC headphones!

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    I may be wrong but noise cancelling cancels 'noise' that is white right ? I mean the whiter the noise, the better the cancellation. I don't think by design they cancel all external sound, just noise. So even if you have noise cancelling headphones on, you should still be able to hear distinct sounds/voices albeit at a slightly lower volume. Something as loud as an alarm should probably have been audible. So in your scenario, your auditory system/brain is just as responsible if not more than the headphones for you not noticing the alarm sound.
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    @-red hm, don’t know what you mean with “white” but yes, like background stuff is cancelled better then speech.
    I had pretty loud volume and was in the zone, to the alarm had no chance to hit my brain.

    Also I didn’t know, what the alarm was like, so it gets harder for my subconscious ness to notice the sound.
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    I guess you can overhear the fire alarm either if it is not well designed (you can't really here it everywhere) or you combine NC with music

    @-red yes, NC works best for whitenoise and also lower frequency. But if the NC is high quality, it will also cancel out other sounds by a good percentage
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