I got my second system76 machine this week. The, "meerkat" is a rebranded 10th gen Intel NUC, and I got it to replace the ancient corporate refurb I have at a friend's house in Kansas City, on Google Fiber, which I'm running as a plex server. The existing machine was already five years old when I got it used in 2016, and it's lasted far longer than anyone expected, including its manufacturer. I replaced its media storage with an onsite NAS last year, and now it's time for the computer itself to get the Marie Kondo treatment.

I am loving the Meerkat! I have been configuring it here in Denver this week while I have some time off, and when it's all set the way I want I'll get it shipped off to KC. I just tested out plex on it, playing Planet Earth II while the media scanner was running. Didn't even blink. I can't wait to get this thing in place!

Buy more System76!

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